Surviving Compton: Fans are comparing on Twitter who’s worse between Dr. Dre and Suge after watching the film

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Michel’le Toussaint’s biography “Surviving Compton” has become Twitter’s No.1 trending topic after being aired on Lifetime. One of the most talked-about topics about the movie is comparing Dr. Dre and Suge Knight, both of whom have fathered her children, as to who is worse between them.

Surviving Compton has been very controversial on many counts. First, Dr. Dre has been doing everything in his power to stop the movie from being shown. He has reportedly sent Sony Pictures several warning letters. Dr. Dre said Michel’le’s claims that he abused her are lies. She stood by her story, Sony Pictures vetted the film, and finally it has been aired on Lifetime TV.

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After the film was shown, it has elicited various responses from viewers. Some are funny, some are shocked, and other kinds of response. One of those that has stood out was about Dr. Dre and Suge.

One user with the handle @One_OfAkind82 said, “And we all thought Suge Knight was the bad one.”

@Babieegirl22, on the other hand, said, “I never liked suge knight because everything about him was horrible.”

However, @lowercase_g chimed in with a fair warning to all women: “See already it started off with a little message don’t let men put they hands on you #SurvivingCompton set the movie out right there.”

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These are just some of the tweets discussing who treated Michel’le the worst. Perhaps, this is also what Dr. Dre was afraid about that is why he was so keen on stopping the film from airing.

In the film, Dr. Dre (Curtis Hamilton) was seen attacking Michel’le (Rhyon Nicole Brown) and pointing a gun at her. Michel’le said that she had difficulty watching the film herself because it has “reopened old wounds.” However, it also became some sort of closure for her.

“I would never want anyone to live this life. I’m watching myself, when I watched them portray me and Dr. Dre and it touched me in a different way… it was a very eye-opening experience,” she said.

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