Josh Harris ‘Deadliest Catch’ Season 13: Captain Harris pursues father’s dream

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Captain Harris pursues plan as an astronaut after being fired from the show?
Josh Harris of F/V Cornelia Marie plans becoming an astronaut as he and his crew will not return to Discovery’s reality series “The Deadliest Catch.”

Captain Josh Harris of F/V Cornelia Marie plans to pursue what his father, the late Captain Phil Harris, always wanted for him. Harris tells of becoming an astronaut as he and his crew will not return for season 13 of Discovery Channel’s hit reality series “The Deadliest Catch.”

Harris broke the news through a video which he posted on Facebook, shocking fans that one of the famous fishing boats will not return to the show. Cornelia Marie has been part of the show for the last 12 seasons showing the ups and downs of the Harris family. Harris explained that not being part of the coming season has nothing to do with money dispute nor was it a decision he solely made.

“This was not our decision, and it was not made by the owners or the captains of the Cornelia. It was not a dispute over money, this was simply a decision made by production Discovery. They have creative control over pretty much everything that airs on Deadliest Catch, and we respect that,” Harris said.

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The 33-year old fisherman thanked everyone who supported them during their stint with the show. He specifically tells everyone not to do any petitions to bring them back as they are keeping themselves busy on certain projects. Harris also narrated that going to the Bering Sea to catch some crabs without the film crew would be something new to them but they hope to move on from it.

Now that he is no longer with the show, one of the things he might pursue is what his father always dreamt for him, being an astronaut. Harris hinted that he might consider doing that aside from the new projects that he may also do in the future.

“And, to make this not such a serious note — my dad always told me I could be an astronaut if I wanted to — well, giddy up! It’s going to happen, man! So stay tuned, and you know, things will unfold,” Harris added.

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Harris together with his younger brother Jake practically grew with the show from the time they worked for their father to his death. After his father’s death, Harris tried to build a name for him following his father’s footsteps.

Season 13 will be an interesting for “The Deadliest Catch” as it will not have Harris and the Cornelia Marie. It will not also have Captain Sig Hansen of F/V Northwestern as he tries to recover from a recent heart attack. Now that key figures of the show have slowly take a step back it remains unclear what the new season brings as contracts of other captains are still in review by Discovery Channel.

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