7th Heaven Season 12 spoilers revealed after 9 years; Catherine Hicks confirms comeback if Stephen Collins’ character is dead

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7th Heaven Season 12 spoilers
Catherine Hicks revealed 7th Heaven Season 12 spoilers lately along with comeback. She affirmed her return if Reverend Eric Camden dies in new season.

There is a possibility to renew 7th Heaven Season 12 soon. The lead actress Catherine Hicks, who played as Annie Camden in the series, confirmed it along with her comeback in the iconic American family friendly series. However, she joked that she’ll only return, if Stephen Collins’ character as Reverend Eric Camden, a pastor of Glenoak Community Church, dies.

Lately, the 65-year-old actress, who played the role as Annie Camden, the wife of the church pastor Eric and the mother of seven children in the long-running television series 7th Heaven, affirmed that there is a high chance that the networks could renew the show in its 12th season soon. In the meantime, there is no specific network that expressed their interest in taking the show to life.

Furthermore, she has also told TMZ about the show’s chances renamed as “8th Heaven,” if her character as Annie Camden becomes a widow and takes another chapter of her life with her family. That possibly follows with Annie’s new lover or the stepfather to her kids, now grown up.

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This claim supported Hicks’ earlier statements about her interest to return to the series with Stephen Collins’ absence in the show. That clearly means she has to assure the network about Reverend Eric’s death before she declares her comeback.

In fact, she wanted 7th Heaven Season 12 to start with him laid in a coffin. Apparently, she didn’t clarify the cause of death, since she relied on the networks how they wanted the show to begin.

“We would have to open with Stephen’s coffin. It’s all up to the networks and those types of things. I think we’d all love to be together … Eighth Heaven with a new boyfriend for Annie,” she said. Hicks also added that her character also needed a new man in her life.

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7th Heaven was the longest-running American family drama on television from 1996 to 2007. At that time, there were two networks that aired the series. The WB first broadcasted the show for 10 years, since it aired in 1996 until 2006 and The CW followed until its last season.

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