Acoustic Recordings Review: Jack White’s new album called ‘genreless’ by critics

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Jack White releases Acoustic Recordings
Jack White releases Acoustic Recordings

So Jack White just released what is technically his first solo compilation album called Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016. Obviously, the record is made up of acoustic interpretations of some of his works with the White Stripes and solo efforts and, so far, reviews have been unforgiving.

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Unforgivingly good, actually.

“Blessed with a sweet melodic touch, he turns his hand to everything from children’s songs (We’re Going to Be Friends) to powerpop (recorded differently, You’ve Got Her in Your Pocket could have graced a Big Star album),” shared Alexis Petridis of the Guardian. “Even in their stripped-down state, you can somehow sense the painstaking labor that went into them. It is the sound of admittedly classy workmanship, from someone who used to make everything he did sound effortless.”

And effortless may be one of the best words to describe Acoustic Recordings, which takes listeners through a musical tour, touching genres like blues, rock and even gospel. With 26 songs (and an unreleased White Stripes song, to boot), fans are given an auditory experience like no other, transcending genres, but still in its rawest and purest form.

‘Acoustic Recordings’ is a genreless foot stomper according to Rolling Stone

“The 26 songs on this collection celebrate a moment before music was claimed by genre, when sounds were still taking shape and rules had yet to be written,” claimed Joe Levy of Rolling Stone. “White’s definition of acoustic includes pedal steel and pretty much everything except punk guitar. You may miss the electric buzz blowing the melancholy away, but this foot stomping music does the job.”

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Make sure to sample City Lights as a preview of the album. As the White Stripes lone unreleased track in the album, the song pretty much demonstrates the sound (and experience) of the whole album.

But, don’t let us be the judge of that. Clear all expectations, and listen to Acoustic Recordings, for yourself.

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