AlDub remains on top in Twitter, celebrates first anniversary after ‘Imagine You & Me’’ film success

AlDub remains on top in Twitter and celebrates first anniversary
AlDub remains on top in Twitter while celebrating their first anniversary as trending fictive couple. They shared sweet messages in Instagram recently.

After their unbeatable success in their “Imagine You & Me” film, AlDub remained one of the most talked in social media especially in Twitter. Recently, they celebrated their first anniversary and shared sweet messages in their respective Instagram accounts.

Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards are famous for their AlDub partnership in the entertainment industry since 2015. They both started as guest stars in Philippine noontime show “Eat Bulaga.” They appeared during the show’s Kalyeserye series “Juan for All, All for Juan” episode.

Since then, they became the most trending couples and the most talked romantic team-up in the show business. They reached 25 million tweets every single day (combining NBA Finals, Game of Thrones tweets in total). Consequently, films were made starring the two “My Bebe Love” and the latest “Imagine You & Me.”

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This success deserved an unbeatable celebration as well. They made fans go wild and crazy when they both posted Instagram posts with sweet photos and messages captioned for each other.

“Meeting you was fate; it was wonderful, it was miraculous, it was extraordinary and indeed sweet serendipity. For some, it was nothing but luck and plain coincidence,” Maine Mendoza posted in her Instagram account.

“But for me it was something revelatory about the notion that miracles like this do exist. God made our story extra special; He let everybody witness every single thing from the very beginning. It was something unexplainable,” she added.

Alden Richards, in response to Maine’s post, he shared a sweet photo of them and captioned “Happy anniversary! #AlDub.”

According to Rappler, the fictive couple AlDub earned more than 41 million tweets on Twitter during the last year’s meeting in October 2015. They got series of endorsements and interviews until now.

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The fever reached worldwide. In fact even the American singer Bryan White came to the Philippines and joined the celebration. He sang “God Came You” which is the theme song of the couple.

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/AlDubLoveteamGMA

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