AMC’s “Preacher” pilot episode garners mostly positive reactions from viewers

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AMC’s newest franchise “Preacher,” has gained mostly positive reactions from viewers as it aired its pilot episode last May 22, but garnered criticism mostly from the religious community.

Directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and based on the comic novel also entitled “Preacher” created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, the story centers on Jesse Custer, a guy with a complicated past who decided to follow the path of his father as a pastor. However, as Jesse becomes unable to be a good example to the churchgoers with a decision he made on a fateful night, he becomes confused with his own faith and starts questioning if he should leave.

On the Pilot episode, as Jesse goes to the church and asks God for a sign if he should stay or not,  a supernatural being called Genesis who is half demon and half angel appears and knocks out and possesses Jesse’s body. When Jesse awakened, he was decided to tell the churchgoers  that he is going to quit, but as he tried to, he failed and instead told the people that he will give everything that he can to be a good preacher.

The TV show is said to be a “toned-down version” of the comics with less blasphemy and blunt remarks about religion, but it has still drawn flak because of its overall portrayal of the church.  Baptist pastor Brian Winslade said that such violence shown in the show is not helpful in building a civil society, and that “It’s (the show) clearly a silly counterfeit of what spirituality and Christian faith actually is.”

Most of the viewers are however unfazed by the show’s views and portrayals and is waiting for the next episode, which will be aired on June 5.

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