American Horror Story 6 Rumors: New cast member compares series to Twilight Zone; Season theme about multiverse

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American Horror Story 6 rumors
American Horror Story 6 rumors

American Horror Story 6 finally premiered last week, but instead of shedding light on lingering theories about its theme, the episode only raised more questions about the series. Fortunately, newly added cast member Cuba Gooding Jr. unintentionally dropped a few hints about fan’s queries and speculations.

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Theories like this season will be involving more than one specific theme for the entire run, given that marketing for the show has been inconsistently intriguing with titles like American Horror Story: Roanoke and American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare. Series creator Ryan Murphy also seemed to confirm that teams of writers have been separated in their storyline development process.

“We’re doing something that we’ve never done before on the show,” shared Murphy with Entertainment Weekly. “We’re doing two different groups of writers rooms. Some of our writers will be bouncing around, but a whole different group coming in late August.”

This again points to the above-mentioned theory that there are two (or more) universes or themes in this season’s run.

Cuba Gooding Jr. shares hints about American Horror Story 6

Which now brings us to Cuba Gooding Jr., who seemed to drop some hints with regard to the current season of American Horror Story.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the actor willingly answered some questions, but with the (obvious) effort of holding in some spoilers for fans. He even referenced Twilight Zone, which again could point to the use of multiverses in this season.

“The first season to me, if you watch those 13 episodes—it’s like what The Twilight Zone did with one episode,” stated Gooding Jr. “This season, remember I said that. You’ll realize how to interpret that Twilight Zone idea to an entire other level. When your head goes boom and you’ve got brains all over the wall, you’re going to be like, Motherf—ing Cuba Gooding Jr.! I wish I could tell you when it happens, but I can’t.”

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Another clue could be the show’s cutting it’s typical thirteen-episode season down to ten. Although Murphy gives a pretty simple (yet convincing) explanation about it.

“Do I really want to be watching a horror show post-Thanksgiving when we get to Christmas? I really don’t. I just don‘t want blood with my Christmas ornaments. I just don’t,” shared the American Horror Story 6 creator.

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