American Horror Story Season 6: Evan Peters will appear in Episode 6

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It seems like the American Horror Story is following some kind of formula in bringing back previous casts into the stories this season. If the formula is what it really is, then fans will see Evan Peters in episode 6 this season.

The formula in question is that the episodes Season 6 get an element from each of the previous seasons. The similarities are obvious that it’s hard to just let them be dismissed as coincidences.

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For example, episode one tackles the story of a couple who moved to a haunted house after the woman had a miscarriage. For those who have religiously followed the show since its premiere season, the scene is very familiar because it is also the same theme/story used in the first episode of the first season.

In episode 2, the story focused more on the deranged nurses who went on a murderous spree. In season 2, there were a group of nurses who went missing. A crazy theory is going around that they must have gone to the asylum where the crazy doctor found them resulting in the killing spree.

Then in episode 3, Leslie Jordan made an appearance as Cricket Marlow, a psychic who paid the Millers a visit. It is common knowledge that Jordan appeared in season 3 as Quentin Fleming in the “Coven” episode. In episode 3, Marlow told the homeowners that he was from New Orleans. Now, if it is not a coincidence, “Coven” happened in New Orleans.

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The next episode’s trailer already show that Dandy Mott will appear in the show. Mott was an important character in season 4. So if the sequence will continue, American Horror Story fans will see an important character from season 5, which most probably are the vampires.

So where does that leave Evan Peters in the story? There is a big possibility that American Horror Story is saving Evan Peters for the big twist that is going to happen in episode 6. The people behind the show know how fans have been dying to see the actor back and nothing can be much better than to re-introduce him when the big twist happen.

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