American Horror Story Season 6: New trailer reveals theme and other easter eggs [VIDEO]

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American Horror Story Season Six Teaser
American Horror Story Season Six Teaser

It’s probably safe to say that Ryan Murphy and the rest of his team of fear-inducing geniuses are attempting to drive people crazy with the teasers for the upcoming season of American Horror Story.

The latest one, despite being an amalgamation of past previews, still takes the (rotten) cake.

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Titled Illusion, the most recent (and probably last) promotional video sums up what the entire lead-up to the sixth season has been trying to convey-everything that fans have been theorizing are all based on illusions.

Backed up further by a Lady Gaga song called Perfect Illusion, it’s no wonder fans are going crazy (gaga) over the teaser.


Initial American Horror Story teasers spawned countless theories among fans. These guesses included the involvement of a cult, the antichrist, aliens, a colony, medicine and even a B-movie. It seems though that no one will really find out what season six is all about, until the first episode.

“Every year, we’ve basically laid out the theme, the new genre that Ryan’s going to be approaching, and we just thought it’d be really fun to keep it a mystery [this time],” shared FX CEO Jon Landgraf during the Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour.

Below were some of the promo material that had fans reeling in the lead up to season six.

The newest trailer also does add one new clip to the collage of promos-a mirror, which is accompanied by cries and screams. Some have speculated that this is simply just more of American Horror Story’s strategy to throw fans off in theorizing the season six theme.

American Horror Story theme accidentally revealed?

One source, though, claims that Rotten Tomatoes may have already accidentally revealed the theme for the new season.

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According to Metro UK, the movie and TV show review website listed the upcoming show as American Horror Story: The Mist, possibly revealing what could be the overarching tone for the show. But then again, it could be another illusion.

Check out the video below for the latest trailer of American Horror Story.

Catch the premier of American Horror Story season six on September 14.

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