Angelina Jolie uses fame to get professor stint at London school

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Angelina Jolie has been making headlines these days after filing for divorce from her marriage with Brad Pitt. However, that does not stop the star from pursuing her plans to teach economics at the London School of Economics. However, there are rumors that she has gotten the stint because of her popularity.

The rumors about Jolie using her clout to get the position had been circulating when it was first announced in May. It has gained media attention again after her recent announcement that she will pursue with her plans to teach economics in London.

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Talks about the said position continue to swirl with the information that the Centre for Women, Peace, and Security where Jolie is scheduled to give a lecture was her project together with Britain’s former Foreign Secretary William Hague. The duo also founded the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative. Both are also going to be guest lecturers at Georgetown University.

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Early in May this year, a spokesperson for the London School of Economics announced that Jolie will be one of their visiting professors in 2017. She was invited by the school to give a lecture on a new master’s degree program that focuses on women, peace, and security.

The actress is expected to tackle subjects about gender equality, women’s economics, and social and political participation and security. She is also expected to participate in public events and workshops as well as help with research projects that have something to do with the program.

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Prior to her announcement, Jolie hugged the headlines for accusing husband Brad Pitt for child violence after apparently hitting their eldest child, Maddox while aboard their private plane.

Sources, however, said that Pitt did not get physical but simply touched him on the shoulder area. Pitt is currently under investigation by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

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