Are you ready to “Rumblr”?

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Are you into “recreational fighting”?

A bizarre new web application is set to be launched – Rumblr, is said to be like Tinder only it’s for people who are looking for mad adrenaline rush.

According to its website, Rumblr is “an app for recreational fighters to find, meet, and fight other brawl enthusiasts nearby.

You don’t need to fight to use Rumblr. With Rumblr Explore, anyone can browse and attend fights close by that other Rumblr users have arranged – all for free.”


Unlike Tinder, where users are looking for hookups, Rumblr will connect people looking to exchange right and left hooks and uppercuts.

Users can check each other’s stats like stature, weight, level, and whether or not they have any combat experience.

A user can check out another user’s profile and then they can mark the people they want to challenge. If both ends agree to the fight, they can set the meeting place and take things from there.

The fight’s location and time is also publicly broadcasted so other users can come and watch the melee, according to the website.

The fight app comes with a chat feature to talk trash to others as well as an interactive map for users to find fights happening near them. It also has a filter system, with “RumblrHER” to find women fighting, and “RumblrGROUP” for crew brawls.

Rumblr has not officially launched yet, but its website is already allowing people to provide their email addresses and they will be notified upon the app’s launching. It still has to go through the approval process before it will be finally be allowed to make its way to the marketplace.

It is still hard to say whether Rumblr is for real or a joke. Developers said that so far, around 78,000 people have already signed up. The app should be fully available to the public in a couple of months.


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