Arrow Season 5: Green Arrow, Flash to welcome Supergirl with a huge TV crossover

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Arrow Season 5 will be very exciting for fans as Green Arrow, The Flash and the rest of the members of “Arrowverse” welcome Supergirl to The CW with a huge television crossover. Arrow star, Stephen Amell, recently said in an interview that he expects a four-night DC crossover event sometime next season.

“I think what we’ll end up seeing is one giant four-night crossover. No seriously. How we’re going to end up doing that. I don’t know. But um, this is really um, this is kind of an unprecedented moment in terms of the history of network television. To have four shows, same show-runner,” Amell said during his appearance at Wizard World Philadelphia via comicbook.com.

Even though Supergirl is on different Earth in the multiverse, Amell thinks that it will be very easy to introduce her at some point in season 5. He is also looking forward to how David Ramsey’s character, John Diggle, will react to an alien flying in Star City.

“All I want to see is Supergirl fly and David Ramsey’s reaction to it. That’s really all we want to see. And I’m still mad I haven’t shared a scene with Victor Garber (Dr. Martin Stein) yet, so as long as that ends up happening I’ll be good,” he added.

According to TV Line, Arrow season 5 already have its next villain to replace Neal McDonough’s Damien Darkh. The newest character is named “Anton Church” and he is based on The Wire’s “Stringer Bell” portrayed by Idris Eba.

Amell recently told Variety that the new villain will not have any superpowers. “Anton Church” is set to make his debut in the season premiere of Arrow later this fall.

Many fans are also eager to find out more about Oliver Queen’s past as Arrow season 5 will feature flashbacks on his time in Russia. Oliver was introduced in the first season as a member of the Russian Mafia organization, Solntsevskaya Bratva.

The CW’s fall schedule will have Supergirl airing on Mondays at 8 p.m. with The Flash, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow retaining their time slots from Tuesday to Thursday. However, there is still no official premiere date for Arrow season 5.

Photo Courtesy: Bago Games/Flickr

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