Arrow season 5 update: DC Comics’ Wild Dog coming to show

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Wild Dog
Wild Dog (photo courtesy of DC Comics)

Season 5 of “Arrow” will bring in a new vigilante into the show. DC Comics’ Wild Dog will be entering as the new vigilante in Star City. Wild Dog would be Arrow’s new partner in fighting crime in the city.

Team Arrow may be gone, but that doesn’t mean that the Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) would be working alone. He has a new partner in Wild Dog. According to Comic Book Resources, Rick Gonzalez has been cast to play the vigilante.

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As a character in DC Comics, Wild Dog first appeared in 1987 and was a creation of Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty. His name is really Jack Wheeler and is a former U.S. Marine. After being in the Marines he worked as an auto mechanic, as blastr reports it. Though he has his day job as an auto mechanic, he still has that sense of justice in him, which has led him then to be the vigilante known as Wild Dog.

As a vigilante he is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and is a marksman. This goes back to the time he was still in the Marines where he became adept. For weapons he has a Jatimatic GG-95 PDW and a pair of shock gloves. He wears a hockey mask to hide his identity and has protective body armor underneath his clothes for protection.

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Whether the character would have the same appearance in “Arrow” as he was in comic books is still not certain though the DC Comics’ shows on the CW have been noted so far for being faithful to the comics in terms of the costumes worn.

The character will be coming out in a number of episodes for season 5. Wild Dog would already be seen as early as the season premiere of the show. For the series he is described as reckless, which will prompt Green Arrow to closely guide and mentor him.

“Arrow” is set to return every Wednesday this Fall on the CW.

Photo courtesy: DC Comics

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