Attack on Titan Prediction & Spoilers: New Titan Emerges in Shiganshina, Zeke’s Relationship to Grisha & Eren Yeager

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Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) chapter 77 dropped a big bomb after revealing the name and position of perhaps the most intriguing antagonist in the Manga series, Zeke. Aside from he looks like Eren’s father (probably a relative) and the top Titan shifter in the village outside the walls, here are several theories about this man and the future of the story that will shake your brains.

Zeke is Yeager and Eren’s Uncle

It was revealed several chapters back that Grisha Yeager wasn’t a Wall native from the start. In fact, former Survey Corps leader Keith Shadis found him mysterious roaming outside the walls before he became an endeared doctor in the community inside. Taking it into account plus the striking resemblance between Grisha and Zeke, there has been theory brewing that indicates Eren’s relationship with the Beast Titan.

Re-Take the Coordinate at All Cost

The Warriors appears to be hell-bent in ‘re-taking the coordinate” and wiping out the history of the Walls for good. So, does this mean this much-sought power was originally possessed by the Warriors. It does make sense given the abilities of Annie to call nearby titans and the Beast’s Titans power to turn humans into mindless meat-eating giants and control them.

New Titan Will Soon Emerge in Shiganshina

Pandemonium officially broke loose in Shiganshina, the place where everything started. The Survey Corps led by Erwin Smith are determined to reach Dr. Yeager’s basement at all cost and unlock the history of the world long deprived from them by the Reiss royal family. On the other hand, there’s the imposing trio of Warriors (Reiner, Bertolt and Zeke) looking to re-take the power they vehemently insist belongs to them.

By the look of it, it’s going to be an all-out battle in the succeeding chapters, with casualty here and there. New heroes will emerge and new Titan will stand tall in the battlefield. It is assumed that Levi still holds the Titan serum given to him by his uncle Kenny. The question is will he do it or will someone assume the power and burden of a Titan shifter?

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