Axl Rose hates ‘Fat Axl’ memes, wants Google to remove them from the internet

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Photo Courtesy: Edvill/Wikimedia Commons

Axl Rose the frontman for the rock band “Guns N’ Roses” is apparently pissed off with all the “Fat Axl” memes populating the internet that his representatives have sent request Google to remove them online citing copyright laws for the images.

TorrentFreak first reported that details of the request are found on a Lumen Database’s DMCA archive, which was filed by Google. According to the report, all “relate to a wave of copyright claims sent to Blogspot and GoogleUserContent last May 31.

“Copyright image of Axl Rose. Please be advised that no permission has been granted to publish the copyright image so we cannot direct you to an authorized example of it,” the request stated which simply means Axl Rose or someone from his camp is demanding the removal of the embarrassing images of Axl Rose, the most popular of which are pictures used in the “Fat Axl” memes.

Axl Rose has the right to demand and right to be pissed off with the less than appealing photos of him now populating the internet. Expectedly, music fans couldn’t be stopped in posting the “Fat Axl” memes on social media:

However, with the request of Axl Rose now going public, the opposite is now expected to happen basing on the fans and net users expected reaction to post more of the “Fat Axl” memes before it’s taken down.

Photo courtesy: Edvill/Wikimedia Commons

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