The Bachelor Australia Season 4, Episode 4 spoilers reveal most revealing group dates, Osher Gunsberg confirms

The Bachelor Australia Season 4 episode 4 spoilers Osher Gunsberg reveals
The Bachelor Australia Season 4, episode 4 spoilers reveal the most interesting, funniest group dates with bachelor, Richie Strahan. Will Keira stand out?

The Bachelor Australia Season 4 host Osher Gunsberg revealed spoilers to watch out for in episode 4. He confirmed that the most interesting things will happen to the group date this week.

It might be tough for the bachelor, Richie Strahan, to choose among the candidates this season; however, the series have prepared attention-grabbing twist to get to know the girls more.

The 42-year-old television host publicized the possible events that could happen in the next episode. During an interview with News, he mentioned about the girls’ complaints about group dates.

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In addition to what he said, avid The Bachelor Australia Season 4 viewers could also anticipate the green-eyed monster Rachael’s deal with Richie and Alex’s fate with her white rose.

Gunsberg said the criteria on how the best date cards were chosen for group dates. He explained the need to get the great candidate who will give her best shot and will surely be an attention-grabber in the group.

One great candidate is Keira, who is labelled as the group’s bully. The host cited Keira’s strength and why she became the villain in the show.

“I’m not one of the girls so I can’t speak for them but I think it’s generally the uncertainty and the idea that they’re going to be compared [to Keira],” he mentioned.

When asked about Rachael’s fate in The Bachelor Australia Season 4, Gunsberg said it’s up for Richie whether he could possibly fall for her or not.

Hence, neither he nor the candidates could anticipate if she wins the game in the moment. In the previous episode, Alex’s thought of using the white rose was shown.

Keira was one of the girls who didn’t like her decision, Daily Mail UK reported. She revealed that she have always thought about leaving the mansion.

She’s always been stressed which left her sleepless at night. That’s been her situation every day since the show started.

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In the meantime, Gunsberg teased about the “funniest, most interesting, most revealing group dates” The Bachelor Season 4 has done.

He said something remarkable will happen in the next episode as well. The Bachelor Australia Season 4 airs every Wednesday and Thursday on Ten.

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/TheBachelorAU

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