Ballers Season 2, Episode 9 Spoilers: Spencer works for Andre, Vernon works harder to get back to the field

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Ballers Season 2, episode 9 spoilers
Latest Ballers Season 2, episode 9 spoilers reveal that Dwayne Johnson’s character Spencer Strasmore works with Andre Allen. Andre gives surprising offer?

Ballers Season 2 episode 9 spoilers reveal that Spencer Strasmore will work for Andre to survive after his surprising financial downturn. In the next episode, Vernon finally decided to work harder to get back to the field and play in the league.

The series’ next episode entitled “Million Bucks in a Bag” will tackle Spencer’s witty steps to turn things around after his professional rival Andre Allen succeeded in his plan, which was to pull Spencer down and make him suffer financial troubles.

According to the recently released spoilers, Spencer’s former financial advisor gave the lead character a surprising offer. There are no other details publicized about Andre’s offer but he’ll certainly use it to manipulate Spencer by asking him to work with a burden.

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The press release also included John David Washington’s role as Ricky to consider building something for his own legacy, while Donovan Carter’s character as Vernon pushes himself harder than usual to succeed in the field again.

In addition, Charles’ (Omar Benson Miller) hectic schedule will get him in trouble with Julie (Jazmyn Simon). This means that in the next episode of Ballers Season 2, everyone will see Dwayne Johnson’s character in deep thoughts as to whether he’ll accept Andre Allen’s offer or not.

Otherwise, he could start his secret plan to investigate the truth behind his sudden financial bankruptcy and to know the person responsible for the event.

Given that Andre has something surprising to offer him, the big question is, will Spencer realize that this is part of his rival’s true plan or will he use this offer as bait to learn the real story behind his downfall?

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In the meantime, fans should wait until HBO airs Ballers Season 2 episode 9 on Sunday next week and see the lead character Spencer Strasmore’s next move. Will he able to recover from his financial collapse or not?

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