Beyonce dead reports causes singer’s family to panic

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Beyonce dead false reports
Beyonce dead false reports

Beyonce dead reports gave fans of Queen Bey a scare over the weekend with false news of the singer’s death spreading online after she had accidentally cut herself during a concert. While fans were obviously shocked at the fake report, how did her family react to the death hoax?

“There wasn’t much response to the rumors in house with (Beyonces) people and family, but she was aware of it and is just happy that Blue Ivy isn’t old enough to get tricked by it by seeing that kind of stuff online,” shared an inside source with HollywoodLife.com. “She moved on from it relatively quickly, not putting much attention to it. Nobody was really fooled by it.”

Unfortunately, this was not the case for the rest of the world, with many fans falling for the Beyonce dead reports, and immediately taking to social media to confirm the news. Below are some of the Tweets about Beyonce’s supposed death.


News of Queen Bey’s alleged passing started after the singer suffered an accident during her concert in Brooklyn. Reports had indicated that Beyonce sustained a cut on her ear, after her ponytail was entangled in one of her earrings.

Since the accident numerous false reports have flooded the internet indicating that she had bled excessively from her cut leading to her supposed death. The faker news even specified that she had died at 11AM on October 15.

This even prompted some Facebook users to create a page titled R.I.P. Beyonce. So far the page has already garnered 1 million likes, probably fooling thousands of people online.

Some even shared some photos of a news report on her death on Twitter which also included a logo of Fox News to make the fake report more convincing. The Tweet can be seen below.


Beyonce dead is just the latest death hoax to make its rounds in the internet. In recent months, other celebrities like Jaden Smith, Sylvester Stallone and even Betty White also suffered the same fate only to come out alive and well.

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