Beyonce divorcing Jay Z due to alleged love child?

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Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage is reportedly in trouble. Rumors of their marriage being in trouble have been doing the rounds since months.

And now a new report has emerged that Beyonce is done with their marriage and could not take it anymore. The Mirror reports that the pop queen screamed at Jay Z and had a terrible fight with him in their home.

Radar Online reports that the heated confrontation took place at their Bel Air rental estate. According to the report, Beyonce told the rapper that “could not deal with it anymore.”

The Insider too confirms the report. According to their report, Beyonce was “screaming at him at the top of her lungs. Beyonce told him that she just could not deal with it anymore!”

The reports come after Jay Z is facing a paternity battle with 22-year-old Rymir Satterthwaiste. Rymir has claimed that he is the love child of the 46-year-old rapper. According to Rymir, his mother, Wanada slept with the rapper/producer years ago.

“I will not stop until justice is served in court. Everybody deserves a fair due process in a court of law,” Rymir said.

Jay Z however, is yet to comment on the claims. But The Family Civil Liberties Union (FCLU) recently alleged that Jay Z’s lawyers “conspired with workers inside their local court system” and tried to withhold important documents.

The power couple have a four-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy and have been married for eight years.

Although their marriage is reportedly tense, yet the couple showed a united front earlier this month. The couple attended a basketball match and was spotted giggling and chatting.

Beyonce also recently hit headlines with her powerful performance at Super Bowl 50. She shared the stage with Coldplay with whom she recently collaborated for the song Hymn for the Weekend.

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