Beyoncé 2016: Fans ready to ‘lynch’ Kenny Chesney for disrespecting their queen

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Beyoncé’s fans, also known as the Beyhive, are in full battle gear as they felt their Queen was not treated properly during the recently concluded Country Music Awards (CMA). The target of their ire is none other than country music artist Kenny Chesney whom they deemed disrespected their queen’s performance.

The singer recently sang her single ‘Daddy’s Lessons’ with the Dixie Chicks at the recently concluded CMA. Everybody seemed to be enjoying the performance except Kenny Chesney. The camera focused on the country artist’s stoic face looking unaffected as the world around him sang and danced with Beyoncé.

That didn’t pass the scrutiny of the media and, most of all, the Beyhive. Before long, they were storming Chesney’s Instagram account and trolling him. If the account were Chesney in flesh, they would’ve lynched him right there and then.

One dispassionate fan even cursed him to have a slow, painful death while others call his behavior unacceptable. Some even went as far as digging old tabloid stories about his divorce with Renee Zellweger accusing him of being gay. Others, on the other hand, called him a racist.

“The look on your face last night was one of disgust as Beyoncé blessed you all with another amazing performance. I always knew you were racist and it showed loud and clear last night,” the fan said.

Aside from the Chesney furor, reports have been accusing the CMA of not including Beyoncé’s performance in their social media account. It looked like a reunion where everybody was there smiling but something was amiss. The only mention of the ‘Lemonade’ singer’s name was in the comments of the CMA’s Facebook page. However, most of those comments were criticisms of her performance with the Dixie Chicks.

Again, the social media is awash with comments calling out the CMA for being rude and trying to cover up Beyonce’s performance.

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