Beyonce unaware of her Super Bowl performance was hijacked for Black Lives Matter protest

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A grainy cellphone video and a picture have grabbed attention of millions around the world. Beyonce has claimed that she was unaware of the decision by members of her dance group to join a protest on the pitch of the Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco regarding the death of Mario Woods.

Beyonce reportedly came to know about it after the video went viral on the internet the following day after Super Bowl 50.

Beyonce’s dancers backed the protest against the five police officers who gunned down the 24-year-old Woods. Several of the dancers had slogans demanding ‘Justice for Mario Woods’.

Rheema Calloway and Ronnishia Johnson sneaked their posters within their bras and panties to evade the security guards at the sports complex in Santa Clara, as reported by Daily Mail.

Both of them made several copies of the posters hoping that at least one of them would make it into the stadium. However, none of the 12 posters were confiscated from their bags or clothing.

“We were led onto the pitch at half time through a tunnel and it was crazy and breathtaking. The noise from the crowd made me feel like I was Beyonce.” Rheema said.

The duo stated that seeing the dancers in black costumes gave them the confirmation of going ahead with the act.

Beyonce was heavily criticized by Rudy Giuliani, former New York Mayor. He said that the act of attacking police officers on such a platform was ‘outrageous’. However, the politician made his statement without knowing that Beyonce was unaware of the protests.

Charles August, Winson Seto, Nicholas Cuevas, Scott Phillips and Antonio Santos were the officers named by the police department who are said to be involved in the act of firing 21 times at Woods. None of them have been reprimanded and have returned to work.

Picture courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org

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