Super Bowl: Beyonce’s cleavage is now a Super Bowl prop bet?

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Super Bowl

Beyonce is all set to perform with Coldplay at the upcoming Super Bowl half time program.

With Beyonce performing on stage, the show has already been touted a hit. However, this is not the only reason why fans are excited.

Beyonce has given people another reason to rejoice about.

With a bit of luck, the famous singer can now make you rich.

Yes, that’s true.

Well, not Beyonce actually but her boobs. The singer’s famous cleavage has now become the focal point of a new Super Bowl prop bet.

TMZ reports that an online gambling site BetOnline.ag is offering up a bet. People can place money on whether they think if Beyonce will show her cleavage or not during her Super Bowl half-time performance.

People have already placed their bets and as TMZ reports, the odds are in favour of the singer showing her cleavage.

People are placing bets of $350 on “yes” [she will show her cleavage] just to win $100.

Ex-NFL player Osi Umenyiora too thinks that Beyonce will show her assests during her performance with Coldplay, reports TMZ.

He placed his safe bet on yes.

Some other popular pop bets range from topics like:

  • Does Osweiler play?
  • Color of the Gatorade bath.
  • And of course, the coin toss.

The same kind of prop bet happened before Katy Perry’s Super Bowl half-time performance too.
Photo Courtesy: Cosmopolitan

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