Bill Simmons names his new website: Latest Update, Details and Reaction

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Former ESPN writer and Grantland creator Bill Simmons have announced the name of his new website called The Ringer. This will be a new venture for the current HBO personality.

Bill Simmons has shared a link of The Ringer’s homepage which says that the website will be launched “later in 2016”. All of Simmons’ written content will be present on The Ringer and his television work will be exclusively featured on HBO.

Bill Simmons’ The Ringer will start as an email newsletter from mid-March. The website will become completely operational from late spring or early summer, according to CNN.

The 46-year-old used to work for ESPN from 2001-15. He was made the editor-in-chief of Grantland on 2011.

ESPN parted ways with Bill Simmons a few months before his contract expiry in 2015. They also declared the end of Grantland in October.

Grantland was the destination of readers who were interested in a blend of sports and pop. Bill Simmons became the face of the brand.

The 47-year-old was passionate about his work and took the decision of ESPN with a pinch of salt. His mindset was evident in this Twitter post.

The Ringer will possess the feel of Grantland and Simmons will hope that he will be able to rake in most of his past readers. Bill Simmons Twitter account has around 4.8 million followers and the American would love to capitalize on such a huge fan base.

With the allure of HBO and the charisma of Simmons, one can hope that the void which Grantland left after its disappearance can finally be filled.

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