Billy Ocean dead: British R&B singer reportedly dies from illness

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Billy Ocean death hoax
Billy Ocean death hoax

Billy Ocean, the British R&B singer behind hits like Suddenly, Caribbean Queen and When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Gets Going reportedly passed away in South Africa after contracting an unknown illness during his trip.

According to sources, the singer caught an unusual disease during his trip and wad immediately admitted to a local hospital. Reports went on to elaborate that the singer passed away only minutes after reaching the unnamed medical facility.

“Music artiste Billy Ocean has died in Johannesburg, South Africa, Local radio Spice FM reports,” claimed website Times1ve.co.za. “The cause of his death is not yet known.”

Billy Ocean another victim of death hoax

Fortunately, with all the unverified information and speculative reports, rumor debunker website Snopes has confirmed that the news is yet another death hoax and Billy Ocean is alive and well.

But the false report of the singer’s death has already gained the attention of many fans online, prompting them to question if whether Ocean is truly dead or alive. Some even took to Twitter to try and verify if the news of his death was true.

The fake news was initially reported by an illegitimate website Times1ve.co.za, but since then sources have disproven the authenticity of the story and site.

“Times1ve.co.za is one of many fake news sites that masquerade as legitimate news outlets by mimicking the domain names of real news organizations (in this case Times1ve.co.za rather than TimesLive.co.za) in order to fool readers,” shared Snopes. “Times1ve.co.za notes in their disclaimer that visitors can tell the difference by noting the ‘1’ in their URL in place of an ‘I’.”

But the singer himself confirmed that he is well, sharing a Tweet contradicting the spreading death hoax.

Billy Ocean is just one of the many celebrities who have been victims of this type of death hoax reports in recent months. Just over the past month, Jaden Smith, Sylvester Stallone and even Betty White were victims of false death reports.

But like Billy Ocean, they are all living, hopefully for many more years to come.

Photo Courtesy: Eva Rinaldi/ Flickr

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