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The Blacklist

People have been watching The Blacklist series very closely, waiting for some new updates. Fans are now getting wild about the new faces that might come up for Season 4. In the recent episode of the story, major character, Liz Keen, has been killed without warning.

This has sent a shockwave to the series’ fan base, placing them in total shock. But fans are not wholly convinced about this rumored ‘faked death’, they believed that Liz would make a return in the upcoming Season 4.

In the recent spoilers tease that in Episode 21, fans have learned all about the Famke Jannsen’s new character and whether or not she is responsible for the death of Liz Keen. The fans gone wild, speculating whether Liz is alive or if Megan Boone will return to the Season 4. But tonight’s episode of the NBC crime series could shed some light on those question.

Rumors are circling that the people behind the series is making some story twist, suggesting that old faces will also appear for Season 4, especially someone who just recently died.

In a previous report by Ecumenical News, the events surrounding Liz’s death isn’t really clear, leaving the story in a cliffhanger mode. This made fans to speculate that Liz could appear somewhere in Season 4. And then, there this dangling question left by her passing, what really the connection between Red and Liz. The crowd didn’t fully understand why Red entered Liz’s life two years ago.

But for all the hype and rumors surrounding the popular NBC series, the people behind the series remained tight-lipped about the upcoming Season 4. At this time, fans still have no idea what will come next. There still no confirmation yet about the development of Season 4, not even a single word about its characters and date.

The Blacklist Season 3 finale will be aired on May 19, 2016. In addition, on May 12 2016 Episode 22 will air and will be directed by Michael Dinner as a potential spin-off of the TV series.

The Blacklist is an NBC crime thriller TV series that featured a former US Navy officer Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader), who turned high-profile criminal, voluntarily surrenders to the FBI after evading captures for decades. In the story,  Reddington tell the FBI that he has a list of the most dangerous criminals in the world that he complied over the years.

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The Blacklist series executive producers include Brokenkamp, John Davis for Sony Pictures Television, Universal Television, Davis Entertainment and John Eisendrath.

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