The Blacklist Season 3: Fans gone wild, speculating about Liz death story

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The Blacklist

In The Blacklist Season 3 episode, we saw Elizabeth Keen or Liz being killed, but fans of the said series are not wholly convinced about Liz’ death. They believed that Liz will make some appearance in the finale or in the season 4 of the series.

Fans are going crazy, speculating on how Liz might have faked her death, with several theories such as a planned to fake her death with Kaplan. They said that Liz might have some conversation with Kaplan (aka Kate) after the birth and they’re conspired to fake Elizabeth Keen’s death. By doing this, they can assure that her daughter is safe and Liz can easily disappear.

“Does no one remember the hushed conversation she had with Mr. Kaplan (aka Kate) after the birth. They conspired to fake her death. This way, her daughter is safe and she can disappear and try to find out who wants her so badly. The only way to make it convincing is not let Red or anyone else in on the secret. Mark my words, she faked her own death. And this also conveniently leaves Tom free for the spin-off,” wrote Laura, via the Design&Trend.

“I noticed she didn’t have any oxygen at one point when she was supposedly in respiratory distress. Then they put a mask on her and asked her to breathe before she went out. Kaplan’s in on it with the doc… He could have faked the flatline by hooking it up to a real dead person, might have been under the gurney. Red didn’t want her going to the morgue. Kaplan said to Red he couldn’t protect her, so I think she decided to take over and went to tell Liz that,” commented user clyn124, via the Design&Trend.

“I don’t see how it could be a ruse,” wrote user medman, via the TVLine. “Respiratory failure is as critical as it gets, and following that birth without immediate intervention, she would be a goner, which is what happened. The respiratory distress was no ruse, and no one, and I mean no one, even if the distress could have been “faked”, could do that to a woman who just had a difficult birth which in and of itself could have killed both the mother and baby. I have to believe Megan Boone must want to spend time with her new baby and the father of her baby, so it’s a convenient way to write her off the show. Now Red can go back to being an absolute maniac.”

But, the biggest evidence supporting the idea of Liz’s faked death has nothing to do with the story at all. In this season, Megan Boone’s life pregnancy was written into the series, which means that the birth of her child is expected to happen before the end of production. This could eventually lead to Boone going for her maternity leave. All of this stuff, the death, the mourning, the coming funeral are just some sort of story justification for Boone to not be on screen while she still cares for her life baby.

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