Blacklist Season 4 Spoilers: Megan Boone talks about how she had to lie to everyone

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Megan Boone who plays Elizabeth Keene on the hit series Blacklist had a recent interview on Today and she revealed how she had to lie to everyone she loves in real life because of the show.

In the short but fun interview, Boone revealed that in order to keep what will happen to Liz after her death a secret, she had to lie to everyone in her family, circle of friends, and even her fellow actors on the show. She recalled how difficult it was to do that but she had to do it in order to make Liz’s death have the effect they are looking for in both the cast and the viewers alike. She added, however, that she revealed the secret to only one person: to Ryan Eggold.

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When asked whether Alexander Kirk (Ulrich Thomsen) is her father, Boone demurred but added that Liz’s parental situation will be resolved this season. That means viewers will know whether Kirk is really Liz’s father.

Meanwhile, season 4 will not just cover about Liz’s parental situation but it will also try to make sense of the other relationships she has with the other members of the show, one of which is Liz’s relationship with Red. The bond between them might get stronger this season as they learned to forgive each other. Red’s love for Liz goes deeper than she can imagine as he will do anything, even kill someone, just to ensure that she is safe.

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Aside from Red, Blacklist might also shed some light regarding Liz’s relationship with Tom. Will they get back together and build the family they’ve been dreaming of? The first episodes this season show that the two have still feelings for each other although they are both trying hard to hide it. Will they finally forget the past and just give in to their feelings? These are just some of the questions Blacklist will answer in the coming episodes of the show.

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