The Blacklist Season 4 Updates: Reddington’s secret and connection with Liz Keen revealed

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The Blacklist
The Blacklist

In earlier reports, The Blacklist fans went wild when they heard the news that Elizabeth Keen (played by Megan Boone) is still alive dead and will make a return in the Season 4 of the very popular NBC TV series. Fans also discovered that Liz’s biological family is still alive, but The Blacklist Season 3 finale ended with a cliffhanger, leaving fans on air with no idea what’s next. Season 4 is just a few days away and its will bring lots of twisted and interesting stories.

Season 4 is just a few days away and it will bring many twisted and interesting stories. Red Reddington’s (which played by James Spader) secret may be revealed in the upcoming Season 4 of the series. After Alexander Kirk (played by Ulrich Thomsen) kidnapped Elizabeth Keen (played by Megan Boone), Reddington may be forced to his secret on why he cares so much for Elizabeth Keen.

Fans have already seen and know how Red protected Liz right from the start of the series. When Liz was still a fugitive and being chased by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), Red was with Liz, taking care and making sure that she’s safe and well-secured.

Earlier reports by Melty reveals the connection between Reddington and Liz, and the answer to the missing link. Reports said that Red could have an affair with the Russian spy named Katarina Rostova, and Liz was actually their baby. This could be the biggest reason Red has been so protective with Liz, and that Red will do everything to keep Liz alive.

According to Parent Herald, “The Blacklist” Season 4 will continue to explore the dynamics of the relationship between Liz Keen and Red Reddington.

In addition, executive producer Jon Bokenkamp has also told Entertainment Weekly that everything would be cleared up in the upcoming Season 4, which Bokenkamp claimed that there will be no reason for Liz to suspect Kirk of lying.

The Blacklist Season 4 will continue to reveal the impact of past events between Liz Keen and Alexander Kirk, which include the recent revelation that Alexander Kirk was actually the father of Liz Keen.

Finally, fans will expect a lot of uncertainties between Liz Keen and her father in the Season 4. However, the Season 4 will also tell if Elizabeth Keen is still safe in the hands of Alexander Kirk. The Blacklist Season 4 will make its return in the fall on NBC.

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