The Blacklist Season 4 Updates: More troubles await, No happiness for Tom Keen and Liz Keen

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The Blacklist
The Blacklist

The Blacklist has blown viewers away from its seats with thrilling spin and twisted story on its Season 3 finale. Elizabeth Keen, which has managed to fake her own death without the knowledge of Red, is alive and now returning to the series. In addition to her fake death, Liz’s has discovered that her biological family is still alive and even get the chances met his alleged real father Alexander Kirk.

Fans went wild when The Blacklist Season 3 finale ended with a cliffhanger, however, a spoiler was quickly released to cool down the heat and to hint that Elizabeth Keen (played by Megan Boone) is still alive and not dead, in fact, Liz is joining the whole cast in the upcoming Season 4 of the NBC TV series.

Despite the return of Elizabeth Keen, fans would still have to worry about the trouble that awaits for Liz and Tom Keen. Reports said that Tom Keen (played by Ryan Eggold) and Elizabeth Keen will never have a happy ending story and that more troubles await them in the next season.

Together with their newly-born baby named Agnes, both Tom, and Liz were captured by Alexander Kirk, who said to be claiming as the father of Liz Keen. Fans have celebrated when Tom Keen and Liz Keen have finally reunited with their new baby girl Agnes. However, this is only some sort of temporary happiness, a kind of mini-reunion that will not last longer than expected.

Fans will never expect Tom and Liz to get happy lives in the Season 4. However, Fans should expect lots of twists as Tom Keen joins with Susan Hargrave (played by Famke Jansees) in the new The Blacklist spinoff.

But for all the rumors and buzz surrounding The Blacklist , NBC and series producers remained tight-lipped about The Blacklist: Season 4 official aid date, no one can confirm of that yet.

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