Blue Bloods Season 7 News: Is Tom Selleck leaving the show

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Blue Bloods season 7 continues to dominate the ratings game in its 10 pm time slot but there are speculations that the current season of the police procedural drama might be the series’ final installment.

Rumors are swirling that the CBS police drama show might be airing its last season although it remains to perform well in the ratings. In fact, according to the latest survey, Blue Bloods got the highest viewers in its time slot than any other show with 10.5 million. The show also scored 1.2/5 ratings in the 18-49 demographics.

Although ratings are often used to gauge a show’s fate on air, it seems there might be another reason for the show’s rumored cancellation.

According to a report by Parent Heraldeven though Blue Bloods reached its seventh season, the show can be cancelled because of the growing costs of producing the series. Television shows that have already reached six seasons or more tend to be quite expensive to produce.

This is because in order to continue to stay popular and amass a great number of audience, production cost can not be run with a tight budget. Add to the fact that the show has a stellar cast which likely are paid handsomely given the show’s current success.

One of its main actors is Tom Selleck, who is believed to be paid higher than his co-actors due to his being a TV icon. According to Carter Matt, it took until the week of filming of the show and many negotiations before Selleck signed his contract for the current season.

Although there really is no one to blame if the show gets cancelled specially a TV icon like Tom Selleck as it is his right to demand the price according to his talents, but if this trend continues, Blue Bloods may only have one or two more seasons to air.

If Selleck were to leave the show, could Blue Bloods be renewed to an eight installment? Fans would surely be outraged as the show won’t be the same without him. Although time will tell if that will be the case.

Blue Bloods Season 7 airs in the US every Friday at 10 pm on CBS. In Australia, Blue Bloods airs on Thursdays, 10:30 pm on TEN.

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