Stockholm Foundation: Bob Dylan’s no show at Nobel Prize Ceremony is his way to berate the celebrity culture

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Bob Dylan's no show at Nobel Prize Ceremony is his way to admonish the celebrity culture
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Did Bob Dylan fake his reason to miss the Nobel Prize ceremony just to avoid celebrity backlash at him later? Last week, Dylan mentioned his lack of interest in collecting his prize award due to prior commitments. The American songwriter, artist, poet and painter officially quoted his unavailability at the 2016 Nobel Prize Concert. His decision is now seen as a symbolic gesture rejecting celebrities and popular culture.

The gossip mongers suggest that Dylan should have rejected the award in the first place if he doesn’t intend to go to Stockholm anyhow!

Bob Dylan is not alone!

Since 1901, 579 Nobel Prizes have been awarded in various categories. Only 6 Nobel Prize winners rejected the award for different reasons. Richard Kuhn was the first person to reject the award. He was awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1938 for his research on vitamins and carotenoids. However, pressure from Nazi regime forced Kuhn to decline the award despite having no connection with the political strata.

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Other formidable names in the list are Jean-Paul Sartre and Le Duc Tho. Old age and social phobia kept away Doris Lessing and Elfriede Jelinek,respectively, from the official Nobel Prize ceremony. However, Dylan’s request remains unprecedented in Nobel Prize’s glorious conspicuous history.

Is Bob Dylan arrogant?

Bob Dylan will be the first laureate in the Post-Soviet era to reject the invite for Nobel Prize’s formal ceremony. It is viewed as an act of  disregard towards sovereignty of the Nobel Foundation. Dylan wrote a letter to the organizers to consider his request in order to clear the confusion linked to his arrogance. After all, he may not like to be sucked into a controversy now.

In October, Dylan broke his silence on the awards by acknowledging it as a “speechless” moment in his life. It took him almost a month to do so.

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Bob Dylan appeared in his 75th and final public performance for 2016 at the Broward Center in Fort Lauderdale. Dylan is accused of being an upright, arrogant artist for rejecting the invite from the Swedish Academy as he has no more public appearances left in his calendar.

At 75, Bob Dylan continues to be a shade of mystery that he always was all through his youth.

Image Courtesy: popturf.com via Flickr

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