Bridget Jones’s Diary Premiere, Spoiler: Musical in the works, Helen Fielding confirms; Renee Zellweger sings

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Bridget Jones's Diary premiere spoiler for musical
Bridget Jones’s Diary premiere as musical remains a big question whether Renee Zellweger acts & sings or not. Helen Fielding confirmed musical arrives soon.

Fifteen years since Bridget Jones’s Diary premiered, Helen Fielding, the author of the series, recently confirmed that there is a possibility of recreating the iconic American film into a musical. Since Renee Zellweger was the lead actress in the film series, will she sing in the musical as well?

The big question is whether the 47-year-old actress can sing in a musical version of Bridget Jones’s Diary or not. Since she’s been playing the role of Bridget for more than a decade, there is a chance that we will see Renee Zellweger singing in a musical. Yet, this only remains an assumption.

What Helen Fielding confirmed in the meantime is that the Bridget Jones’s Diary will become a musical. She affirmed that she’s also the person behind this project, and will be in charge of writing the plot in a different form.

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In fact, she lately shared that the project is already in progress. “I’m really excited about the idea of a musical. It’s very spontaneous, the theater. I’ve written it. It’s happening,” she said during an interview on ITV breakfast show “This Morning.”

This year, Bridget Jones’ comeback is exciting as she’ll return with a baby without knowing the real father is. In the movie slated for release on September 16, 2016, although there’s no Hugh Grant to see in the film, the romantic and comical atmosphere remains.

According to the News, “scalpel-sharp” screenwriter Emma Thompson, who also played Bridget’s obstetrician in the new movie, and director Sharon Maguire’s skills successfully maintained the film’s appeal to the audience. The source mentioned about how they have meticulously written Bridget Jones’ whereabouts after more than a decade.

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Furthermore, Renee Zellweger’s unbeatable acting skills made the scenes look more natural and comedic, especially in her English Accent all throughout the movie. She looked effortless portraying the Bridget Jones everyone knew since.

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