Bruce Lee movie ‘Birth of the Dragon’ first promo; legend revisited

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Bruce Lee movie Birth of the Dragon
Photo courtesy: Giga Paitchadze/Flickr, Bruce Lee, Wong Jack Man, Philip Ng, Birth of the Dragon

The name Bruce Lee is synonymous to Martial Arts and its layers of philosophy for his multi dimensional approach. In a way, he was a rebel who revolutionized its concept, which led to the founding of Jeet Kune Do- described as a hybrid and “non-classical.”

Bruce Lee wasn’t always popular, as at the start he was more regarded as an infamous figure among Chinese Martial Artists in San Francisco. Before he became the most influential martial artist of all time, and a pop culture icon of the 20th century he was despised for his unusual fighting methods, changes he made on Wing Chun practice.

He was also questioned for sharing his knowledge among non-Chinese, with Caucasians in particular, and for his cockiness and overweening attitude.

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It was a time before Bruce Lee became the legend we have come to know now, a period of controversy, and drastic change within close-knit Chinese traditions- a rich material for a great story that is now unraveled in the new film Birth of the Dragon.

The first promo trailer of the movie has been reported by First Showing.

Birth of the Dragon is a biographical drama that surrounds Lee’s controversial figure in the mid 1960s, and leads to his monumental fight with Kung Fu master Wong Jack Man.

Philip Ng stars as Bruce Lee, while Yu Xia plays Wong Jack Man who was upset with Lee’s obtrusions to Chinese martial arts culture.

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The fight itself was brought about after Lee issued a public challenge against any martial artist in San Francisco, but the fight itself was held privately with very few witnesses; a seminal setting for more controversy to flourish afterward that led to more questions than answers.

It also touches on Steve McKee, a martial arts student played by Billy Magnussen.

On the fight controversy, in a report by Deadline director George Nolfi said, “I thought that was awesome; something that disputed with strong opinions on all sides, means there’s inherent drama. The second thing is the clear sketching of two masters who had very different understandings of what Kung-Fu was.”

The Bruce Lee movie Birth of the Dragon is expected to be released this September under Groundswell Productions.

Photo courtesy: Giga Paitchadze/Flickr

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