BTS J-Hope comeback trailer release seriously stuns; WINGS album launched

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BTS J-Hope comeback trailer release features WINGS album
As group’s last teaser launch, BTS J-Hope comeback trailer release features acting skills. Bangtan Boys members performed well in individual short films.

BTS J-Hope comeback trailer release smashed other album launches with a stunning short film along with other Bangtan Boys members Jungkook, Jimin, V, Suga, Rap Monster, and Jin’s individual films as well. With their return, the South Korean boy band has also announced details about their second album “WINGS.”

In the past few weeks, the group released a series of teasing video trailers that featured their brilliant acting skills. Each member of the Bangtan Boys performed and took part of an individual short film as part of their “WINGS” album series launching.

Soompi reported that these videos, which described as mesmerizing and enigmatic short films, released lately were part of their huge comeback. Jungkook released first with “Begin,” Jimin followed with “Lie,” V with “Stigma,” Suga with “First Love,” Rap Monster with “Reflection,” and J-Hope with “Mama,” in particular order.

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The same source noted that these films connected BTS’ previous releases and Hermann Hesse’s novel entitled “Demian.” Thus, the fans should notice the connections between these stories to understand what the Bangtan Boys were pointing about their recent album launching teasers.

Furthermore, the South Korean boy band has also announced about their second album, which hits in the market soon. To allow their fans to reserve a copy of their latest album, the group stated that the pre-sales for “WINGS” will start on September 28, Wednesday. With that said, every BTS fan should check out how they can grab “WINGS” before it becomes sold out.

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Consequently, many of their fans expressed their thoughts about the group’s announcement. “I think I’m [got to] cry, I become more emotional as each album comes out,” a user named Jenna said. Another fan named Trekaria James commented, “OMG. They need a break and as much as I want that for them, I know I’m [got to] love this album.”

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