BTS’ Suga mixtape ‘Agust D’ addresses K-pop idols’ fame; Korean rapper’s tracks becomes instant worldwide hit in 12 hours [LISTEN]

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BTS Suga mixtape 'Agust D' tracks
BTS’ Suga mixtape ‘Agust D’ addresses Korean idols fame and the reality behind their international reputation. He urged listeners to never give up their dreams.

BTS’ Suga mixtape “Agust D” certainly shocked everyone’s ears. In fact, it trended Twitter and YouTube within 12 hours. The South Korean rapper addressed the neglected societal concerns especially the reality behind K-pop idols’ history of fame.

Based from the Romanized lyrics of one of “Agust D” tracks, he wrote about the reality of being a famous K-pop star. This issue has not been the common subject for most of the Korean songs. In fact, the subject itself made him and his group BTS (Bangtan Boys) distinctive.

Instead of avoiding that subject, Suga, one of the BTS members, courageously talked about it in his songs. He said that people should not think that it’s easy to reach his position as a famous idol.

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Anyone who desired to be on his spot right now should take note about tremendous sacrifices he has to make. He also added that being a famous Korean idol, well-recognized to international audience, required incredibly impressive talent to be noticed.

“I’m different from the hyungs [Korean idols older than him], that ignore their duties, an uprising of celebrities, damn only strong ones can mess with me, some think it was easy for me to reach my position,” he wrote.

In addition to that, the Korean rapper also addressed concerns of people’s rants about his career. He referred to critics who wished his downfall. With his “Agust D” track, he responded with a challenge wherein he said that someday he’ll reach Billboard and become an internationally-renowned artist.

Suga’s “Agust D” mixtape also included “Interlude: Dream, Reality” wherein he talked about the reality of reaching dreams while urging his fans to listen to every song he produces. He also encouraged the massive listeners to never give up their goals in life.

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Billboard noted that BTS’ Suga mixtape “Agust D” became an instant worldwide hit on Twitter with 1 million views within 12 hours on YouTube.. These clearly mean that the rapper has captured the hearts of every listener. His influence in K-pop started to make a great impression globally like he wrote in his song.

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