Calvin Harris and Eiza Gonzalez confirmed dating; DJ regrets Taylor Swift break up, talking about Katy Perry feud

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Calvin Harris and Eiza Gonzalez dating
Calvin Harris and Eiza Gonzalez denied claims about keeping their real relationship secret from the public. Scottish DJ expressed regrets to past romance.

Despite the rumors, Calvin Harris and Eiza Gonzalez can’t deny their PDAs, although both of them denied the claims of their real relationship status. The Scottish DJ has recently expressed his regrets after breaking up with singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, including her feud with Katy Perry.

After they were spotted in a party on Saturday night, Calvin Harris and Eiza Gonzalez denied the rumors about their new relationship. Both of them remained mum about the issue, though many people have seen their romantic gestures in the event all night.

Mexican singer-actress Eiza Gonzalez told E! Online that she wanted to keep her personal life as private as possible. She said that she admired the Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey for his ability to maintain the secrecy of his life off-cam.

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“I wanted to keep my personal life private. I once heard Kevin Spacey (her Baby Driver co-star) say something that really resonated with me. He said, ‘If people know too much about me, then when they see the characters I play, they’ll only see Kevin. I want them to see the characters I’m bringing to life,” she said.

She may deny the claims of having a secret affair with Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend; however, an insider told the source that they’re having fun at the party and weren’t hiding their feelings for each other. The insider also added that they were holding hands and “very touchy-feely.”

However, there was also information from another insider, saying that the 32-year-old Scottish DJ wasn’t taking anything too seriously at the moment. He’s having fun while he remains single. In fact, he’s linked to another singer named Tinashe.

Calvin Harris told Vanity Fair about the aftermaths of his broken relationship with Taylor Swift. He cited that he’s enjoying his life as a single man after the troubling hours of his life three months ago.

He revealed that it hurt him much when the singer-songwriter declared something negative about him in public that affected his image. When media publicized more of the break up than the relationship, Calvin Harris thought of protecting himself, especially his talents as a musician. He doesn’t want people to belittle his music in just one snap.

Furthermore, the Twitter issues worsened the situation. He tweeted indirectly to his ex-girlfriend, telling her to focus on her new romance with Tom Hiddleston, rather than spending time to try pulling him down. Moreover, he also published another tweet referring to Swift’s feud with fellow singer Katy Perry.

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Now, he’s single, will he open his heart again to the 26-year-old Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez and reveal to the world about his newly found romance?

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