Captain America: Civil War – Team Iron Man to beat up Team Cap badly, according to analytics

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Captain America: Civil War (Photo courtesy: official movie poster/Disney/Marvel)

Captain America: Civil War like the other The Avengers movies satisfied the fans’ craving in seeing their superheroes battle it out together in one screen. What was only possible in comic books then, is now a reality in the big screen thanks to the explosion of super hero movies this decade.

One writer, from stats-heavy and analytics-flavored site fivethirtyeight.com, took the fandom and nerdiness to another level and did an actual analytical evaluation of the individual superhero battles in light of the recent Captain America: Civil War movie.

Fictitious sports one-on-one match-ups is always fun to think about; who will win in the individual battle between LeBron James and Stephen Curry? Will James dominate with his size? Or will the Golden State Warriors shooter ring around circles the Cleveland Cavaliers star and win the match-up?

Fictitious super hero battles are even more fun to think about; who will win between Iron Man and Captain America, and based on facts, figures and statistics as decided by knowledgeable fans?

From the article, written by Walt Hickey, who is a most likely a nerd and a big Marvel fan, here are the conclusions and results of the individual match-ups in the “Captain America: Civil War” skirmishes:

Basing on their powers and potentials, based on their abilities from the comic books and movies, the Captain America: Civil War study concluded that the Marvel superheroes are divided into three tiers; the “heavies” in Thor, The Vision and Hulk; the “enhanced humans” in Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Captain America, Ant-Man, Black Widow, Winter Solder, Black Panther and Spider-Man; and the “regular guys” in Hawkeye, War Machine and Falcon.

Hickey also has probable results on the individual match-ups, if it comes down to one-on-one affairs; Iron Man beats Captain America (60% chance); The Vision beats Scarlet Witch (68%); Black Panther beats Winter Soldier (72%); Black Widow defeats Hawkeye (79%); Spider-Man beats Ant-Man (68%); and War Machine beats Falcon (79%).

Speaking of individual superhero match-ups, here’s the recent crossover Sports Rageous infographics of Marvel with basketball and football stars and their individual match-ups:

Civil War NBA


Ultimately, it appears that Team Iron Man members are dominating their individual match-ups against their rivals from Team Cap and it follows those on Tony Stark’s side will dominate Steve Rogers’ team in a team battle. This is according to math and stats of course, and the real result and ending of this fight can be seen in the movie Captain America: Civil War.

Photo courtesy: official movie poster/Disney/Marvel

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