‘Cards Against Humanity’ against Donald Trump; Putting a ‘scare’ on Republican presidential candidate

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Photo courtesy: The Nuisance Committee/Facebook

A billboard that features an Arabic text is currently seen in a Michigan highway in an apparent attempt to mock Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his alleged fear of Muslims and foreigners.

The advertisement actually has a very innocent message when translated into English; “Donald Trump can’t read this, but he is scared of it.”

The ad is being supported by The Nuisance Committee, the same group behind the popular card game “Cards Against Humanity”.

The group admitted that going against Donald Trump is part of their campaign to “get people talking” about the issues surrounding what the Republican candidate stands for and against.

A spokesperson for the “Cards Against Humanity” creators, Melissa Harris admitted that Dearborn, Michigan highway, where the ad is found, was chosen because it has one of the biggest Arab-American populations in the United States

“I like the idea of people who do not speak Arabic having to ask their friends who do speak Arabic to translate the board for them. And I personally hope this also will generate some dialogue between Arabic speaking people and non-Arabic speaking people in Detroit and across the country,” Harris shared to in a radio interview.

Aside from taking shots at Donald Trump using billboards the “Cards Against Humanity” creators have released a special pack of cards about both Donald Trump and democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“At the end of this promotion, Cards Against Humanity will tally up the sales of both packs, and depending on which pack gets more support, we will donate all the money in support of Hillary Clinton’s campaign,” the company stated.

“The funds that we take in will be split between direct, legal contributions to Hillary Clinton’s PAC, contributions to groups opposing Trump, and get out the vote programs in swing states.”

Donald Trump is trailing Hillary Clinton in recent polls with the United States presidential election set next month.

Photo courtesy: The Nuisance Committee/Facebook

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