Castle Season 9 Rumors: Stana Katic diva salary caused firing and cancellation of show

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Stana Katic diva salary
Stana Katic diva salary

In May, ABC had announced that they would be cancelling the TV show Castle, after receiving much backlash for firing of two of the show’s female mainstays- Stana Katic and Tamala Jones. But recent reports seem to put a new twist in the story, with rumors circulating that Katic had been demanding a “diva” level paycheck for her supposed contract renewal for the show’s ninth season.

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And it would come to no surprise that Morning Ledger would cite money problems as the main reason for the actress’s departure from the show, as Katic also made it into the Forbes’ highest paid TV actresses list. While despite being topped by mostly more popular and iconic stars like Sofia Vergara and Kaley Cuoco, Katic unexpectedly made the list logging in a whopping $12 million as her take-home pay. Which is really a huge amount for one person for just one season of one TV show. That’s too little ones for a hell lotta’ zeros.

Stana Katic and girl-power led to Castle cancellation

On top of this, Katic had also been reported to have diva demands from execs of the show which eventually led to a rift with Nathan Fillion. The actor was even rumored to have gone up to Castle’s producers exclaiming “the name of the show is Castle, not Beckett!”

But this “girl-power” point of view from fans is what may have also led to the abrupt cut of the show.

As Huffington Post disclosed, Castle’s cancellation in May was actually a “victory for gender equality in Hollywood,” with many fans of Katic and Jones complaining pointing out that their contracts were not renewed while Fillion along with two other actors wee resigned for a supposed ninth season.

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The website even shared a Tweet to incite more support from anti-chauvinists.

And it worked, with the show seeing its imminent death attributed largely to “an uproar” launched by fans online.

Leaving Stana Katic, Jones, Fillion looking for a way to earn their millions elsewhere.

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