Cheryl Cole pregnant: Singer accidentally confirmed it in public

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Cheryl Cole has been fighting off rumors that she is pregnant with her current flame, 1D member Liam Payne. However, she might have accidentally confirmed her pregnancy while appearing as a guest on The One Show.

The former Girls Aloud singer made her first TV appearance since her rumored pregnancy started on The One Show to promote the Childline campaign. The singer was her usual gorgeous self, glowing in a black jumpsuit. She appeared relaxed during the whole course of the show not hinting any discomfort or trying to hide the bump. She even giggled and said she’s doing great when asked how she is.

However, those who have watched the show might not have missed her slight bump. One Twitter user wrote that after seeing her on the show, there’s really no doubt the singer is indeed pregnant. Recently, rumor mills report that her beau Liam Payne has confirmed the pregnancy on social media. It came after he shared part of the lyrics of his upcoming song which mentioned the word “baby.” Upon reading the lines, however, there’s really no giveaway in the song.

Meanwhile, it seems like Cheryl Cole is not just fighting off pregnancy rumors. She found herself in the center of social media attention when rumors circulated that she almost dropped the “F bomb” in The One Show. The incident happened when she was asked about her personal life. Then, she answered, “You just think go away, I honestly couldn’t give a …” and laughed. After the allegations, she took to social media and challenged those who have been spreading the news to specifically tell her when.

On a serious note, Cheryl Cole has become the new face of Childline, a charity that helps young people suffering from mental and well-being problems. With her appearance, the founders of the charity hope that the young people will be more open about what they are going through and ask for support.

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