Chris Brown nabbed for pointing a gun to a woman

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Chris Brown is a 27-year-old singer and rapper, who was arrested by the authorities after he pulled a gun in front of a woman.

This incident started when the woman came to the singer’s house based on a TMZ Live report.

The commotion started when the woman claimed that Brown’s crew became insane after she admired his jewelry. Brown became involved after he talked trash to the girl and pulled a gun in front of her.

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Baylee Curran is the woman who asked the police to arrest Brown.

Meanwhile, Brown expressed his disbelief on the incident based on the video he posted on TMZ.

Brown was hesitant at first to let the law enforcers enter his house but realized that he would be in trouble if he would not let them in. The rapper made the police wait for hours based on the Los Angeles Police Department spokesman’s interview with The Wrap.

Thereafter, Brown was immediately nabbed by the police.

The authorities had a search warrant that would enable them to search the singer’s house. But they didn’t tell the media whether they have found some drugs or weapons inside.

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The spokesman added that he didn’t know whether there is a form of injury or sexual abuse that occurred.

This is not the first time that Chris Brown became involved in a controversy. Just early this year, the rapper had an issue with his former manager Michael M. Guirguis. The manager claimed that Brown punched him hard in the face, which also led him to file a lawsuit against the rapper.

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