Chris Eubank confirms third fight with Nigel Benn following ‘I’m A Celebrity’ exit

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Chris Eubank confirms third fight with Nigel Benn

Boxing legend Chris Eubank has confirmed that a third fight with Nigel Benn is “possibly on” following his exit from the ‘I’m A Celebrity’ jungle.

The two former boxers last fought 22 years ago in 1993, and a third fight would possibly be dubbed the rumble in the jungle.

Eubank had repeatedly taunted Benn during his stint in the hit Australian show and the 51-year-old then hit back on Twitter to declare that he is ready for a sensational return to the ring and defeat Eubank.

Following his exit from the ITV show on Tuesday, Eubank added more fuel to the speculation by confirming his willingness to fight his rival again.

“Well, as long as he accepts what we’re going to offer him,” Eubank said before he added “yes, we’re possibly on… possibly.”

The talk of a third fight started doing the rounds  after Eubank, who retired in 1998 after 52 fights and 45 wins, claimed on the show over the weekend that he would like a rematch with Nigel Benn.

Benn then hit back by taking to his Twitter account to post:  “Mate I’m also fitter than ever. Let’s get this thing on Chris Eubank, but no more games. When you get out lets get it on with the fight.”

The London-born Benn then took to his account on Monday to suggest that there have been many opportunities in the past to fight for a third time.

He posted: “Since Chris Eubank has been in the jungle talk has been about a fight but he chased me for ages for it. Then he started messing me about.”

Their middleweight and super middleweight bouts in 1990 and 1993 were huge box office events and it is believed that a third match should it happen, would pull in another massive television audience.


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