Chronicles of Narnia actor Ben Barnes joins The Punisher in a villainous role

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Chronicles of Narnia actor
Photo courtesy: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Although the production hasn’t even started yet, Netflix TV series The Punisher has found a new regular in the likes of The Chronicles of Narnia actor Ben Barnes. The actor will appear in the series alongside Jon Bernthal who will play the lead character Frank Castle. Aside from The Chronicles of Narnia, Ben Barnes is also known for his fantastical roles in Stardust and Seventh Son.

Details on the actor’s character in the series are still unknown but reports are linking his name to a character named Bobby Saint. According to Collider, Bobby Saint is the corrupt son of a ruthless crime boss seen in the 2004 movie Punisher. The role was played by James Carpinello.

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In addition, Coming Soon said in an article that the character of Bobby Saint is not in the pages of Marvel comics but was created for the film.

As for Marvel’s The Punisher spin-off series, it’s still unclear as to when it will premiere but reports are saying that it will likely to start after The Defenders mini-series. Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos teased that Bernthal will take part in The Defenders earlier this summer.

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“For me, the complexity and unpredictability of Frank Castle make him an incredibly compelling character and I couldn’t be more excited to dive into his world,” Executive Producer and Showrunner Steve Lightfoot previously said about the series. “After watching Jon’s performance in Marvel’s Daredevil I could not be more excited to be working with him to further develop and progress the story of this anti-hero in a show of his own.”

In the meantime, we’ll see the The Chronicles of Narnia actor in HBO’s Westworld, another out-of-this-world must-see.

Photo courtesy: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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