Chynna Taylor out from X Factor Australia 2016

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X Factor Australia 2016
Picture courtesy: Tea1212/ Wikimedia Commons

The Aussies seem to have made it into a habit. In another staggering and emotional exit from X Factor Australia 2016, frontrunner Chynna Taylor was sent packing her bags, making it three times in a row that a top performer was eliminated.

In the previous weeks, Natalie Ong and Aya had to end their stints at X Factor Australia 2016. Taylor was accompanied in the bottom two by Beatz, an all-girl group. It is tragic that Taylor was the one to go in the last episode Monday.

Taylor was part of the Over 22s category of Guy Sebastian who tried to make amends by a beautiful rendition of “What’s Up” originally performed by the 4 Non Blondes. On the other side of the table, Beatz belonging to Mel B’s category chose to present “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera. The votes of the judges were split once again. Adam and Guy were of the opinion that Beatz should leave the show, whereas Iggy and Mel B were adamant in wanting Taylor to leave.

In a rather dramatic ending, the host of the show announced the hard facts- Taylor was leaving. Taylor broke down and was barely able to speak. Sebastian was severely critical of the developments and said, “This is stupid.” He continued, “She’s the best singer here, and she shouldn’t be leaving.”

Adam echoed Sebastian’s sentiments “Maybe she’s threatened. She doesn’t really know anything about singing,” he said as reported by stuff.co.nz, referring to her work culture reports news.com.au

Most fans were out for Iggy’s neck after Taylor’s exit. Social media was full of critical posts and tweets. Some even wanted her to be fired from X Factor Australia 2016 after the unwise decision.

The show’s followers are apparently quite understanding of Sebastian’s comments, and his words resonated with prevailing sentiment concerning the show. Greg Lennox wrote, “Iggy – what a f-ing disgrace you are. Not backing the best voice in the competition to save someone you didn’t even want in your category. Shameful. So glad Guy called you out,” on the Facebook page of the show. Another Facebook user going by the name of Jamie Lewis commented, “Iggy thing should be fired for being unprofessional and disrespectful she is there to judge and find talent not to be vindictive, bitter and put people’s real chances at winning the show at risk.” Monica Ann Mohan added “Iggy should be sacked because she has no talent to find talent… Iggy take a good long hard look at yourself… bad decision bad bad decision!!!”

Picture courtesy: Tea1212/ Wikimedia Commons

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