Civil War 2: Captain America, Iron Man set to die; Marvel to kill another Avenger

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Fans were unhappy with the first issue of Marvel’s Civil War 2, which features some heartbreaking fatalities, and Brian Michael Bendis and company are not done yet with the killing.

A recent tweet from the New York Daily News, which reports said to be one of Marvel’s favorite outlet for releasing exclusive information outside the comics specialty press, suggested that one of the Avengers from the Marvel’s The Avengers (the movie) will go on to die in the event miniseries.

But, according to Comicbook, Captain America, Black Widow, and Thor all have ongoing series set to debut shortly after the end of Civil War 2, so unless the death is short-lived, it seems unlikely that one of those three heroes mentioned above will die or be killed in the series.

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All of those characters have their own special weapons and skills, but that doesn’t mean that they are no longer vulnerable to attack. They are still humans which make them open to any sort of attack from somebody they trust or not.

Some few questions may likely emerge here, who is the murderer? Is it another superhero or just one of the Avenger’s supporting characters? Could Jarvis finally kill Iron Man to prevent himself being replaced by a robot? And who will be killed?

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Meanwhile, Fans are about to get another Marvel TV show, as part of plans to expand the mutant universe beyond the X-Men films. According to entertainment site Variety,  the new Marvel show is coming to Fox, and will center around a family on the run from the government after two parents discover their child has mutant powers. The family decided to join an underground resistance group of mutants fighting back for their survival.

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