Conor McGregor Vs. Jose Aldo: Winner Will Be on the Cover of EA Sports Video Game

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Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo will not only be fighting for the UFC featherweight belt but also over who gets to feature on the cover of a video game.

EA Sports will reward either current 145lb champion Aldo or interim belt holder McGregor with the second fighter spot next to Ronda Rousey on UFC 2, which will be released in spring.

The pair face off at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on December 12 and their bout is arguably the most anticipated fight in UFC history.

Rousey was chosen to be on the cover prior to her shocking defeat to Holly Holm at UFC 193 in November.

The first version of the game featured former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones on the cover who was joined by Swede Alexander Gustafsson after a fan vote.

EA has also created a poll wherein fans can choose who they think will win the fight and by what method.

A video is then generated on the basis of it showing gameplay of the prediction becoming a reality.

McGregor has already predicted his win at the UFC 194 match against Aldo, saying that he will knock out the Brazilian in the first round itself.

However, according to The Notorious, if Aldo can go the distance in the fight, he will give the champion a rematch.

“Let me see how the contest plays out,” McGregor said. “If he can give me a war in there and he can earn a rematch then we can do a rematch, but I just don’t see him answering the bell for the second round.”

“I can’t see his face or his body at the beginning of the second round. If he can come and bring a war and we can do this for five rounds then maybe I will consider a rematch, but I feel he won’t get up off the stool and answer that bell for the second round.”

Aldo pulled out two weeks before his last scheduled fight with McGregor in July. Since then, the Irishman has predicted that he would not show up again at UFC 194.

However, The Notorious, who prides himself on being right has notoriously changed his tune now.

“I’ll breathe a little bit easier when he touches down on US soil,” said McGregor.

“For the last fight it wasn’t far off this time that he pulled out. But I feel we’re going to go ahead with it.”


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