Corey Feldman on Today Show: Evil just won in bizarre performance

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Corey Feldman on Today Show
Photo courtesy: Alan Light/Flickr

American actor Corey Feldman is best known for his work in the 80s that still lingers today in classic films such as The Lost Boys, The Goonies, and Gremlins.

His movies bring us back to the heydays and good memories, so much that if he never stars in any other film henceforth he will forever be etched in our youthful recollections, and smile, and say “those were the days…”

But Corey Feldman’s life is not all bed of roses.

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In 2011, Feldman revealed that he and actor Corey Haim were both victims of child molestation. He also stated that he had been raped by a man identified only as “Ron” who also introduced him to the dark pits of drug addiction.

He had a controversial friendship with the late Michael Jackson when he first rose to stardom as a child actor. But he later said that Michael Jackson’s friendship did more harm than good by befriending him and abandoning him when he got bored.

In his darkest days, Corey Feldman said he feels grateful for those of his friends who haven’t turned their backs on him, and helped pull him back up.

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According to a report by People Corey Feldman on Today Show said, “The whole theme of [Angelic 2 the Core] is good versus evil, heaven versus hell, that sort of thing.”

“I know that angels have probably saved me once or twice in my life and I like helping them, as well. That’s why I created Corey’s Angels, as a way to help girls who are kind of lost and needed to find their way to get their opportunities, their dreams and make them their realities.”

Oh! And did we mention he’s the lead singer of the rock band Truth Movement?

Corey Feldman on Today Show left his audience befuddled after performing Go 4 it.

If the whole theme of the album is good versus evil, heaven versus hell, then we can suppose from people’s reactions that evil won that round easy.

It was odd, off; trying a little too much to feign Michael Jackson’s fancy moves, except that the effect was macabre.

The performance prompted harsh reactions, where one viewer tweeted, “I thought we had seen Corey Feldman’s rock bottom… I was wrong. It’s going on now…”

Photo courtesy: Alan Light/Flickr

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