Corey Haim’s friend accuses Corey Feldman over sexual abuse claims, Feldman says he’s done talking about the late actor

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Corey Haim
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In the latest Hollywood news, a close friend of Corey Haim has revealed some big accusations against Corey Feldman specifically about the late actor’s sexual abuse experience. Greg Harrison claims to have known and friends with Haim for the last 20 years.

According to reports, Harrison turned to social media to talk about the issue and expose Haim’s rapist. He said in a long Facebook post that actor and director Dominick Brascia allegedly raped his friend and he continues by also accusing Feldman for covering up the scandal.

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“I have had enough of the lies! I’ve had enough of all the deception and distractions to draw people away from the truth as told to me by Corey Haim. What I am about to say is not my opinion, it comes straight from the mouth of Corey Haim,” Harrison wrote. “I have also had enough of listening to people accusing and blaming Judy Haim for not protecting her son Corey.”

It was Feldman, according to Harrison, who first introduced Haim to the alleged rapist.

Meanwhile, Feldman says he will no longer talk about his best friend. This is due to reports that the late actor’s mother didn’t like what Feldman was doing, source said.

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“Corey Haim’s mother … sees the edited version of this interview where it’s ‘Yeah, so Corey Haim blah blah blah’ and she says ‘You’re bringing up my son again!’” Feldman said in an interview.

“I’m not bringing up your son OK, I’m just answering questions. I love Corey and I miss him to death,” Feldman said. “But if me bringing up his name is affecting her life in any negative way then it has to stop. We can talk about the great times we had together. But as far as the personal stuff, I think I’ve said what needs to be said.”

To this day, Feldman refuses to name who the Hollywood A-Lister behind Corey Haim’s sexual abuse might be.

Photo courtesy: echolalia [echelon]/Flickr

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