Criminal Minds: The big challenge, why still not renewed

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Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is a crime-focused drama TV series that has seen good ratings and a huge, loyal fanbase, despite its huge performance and popularity, the show has one big problem, it still has been not renewed for Season 12.

Fans are now getting worried about the show’s current status, with some speculating about the show ending up with a cliffhanger. Added to the fans’ confusion: With the Season 11 finale coming on May 4, why hasn’t been this show renewed yet?

The answer to this question has more to do with finances than anything else. The show is said to be one of the most expensive TV series and one of CBS’s popular shows, but Criminal Minds is not owned and produced by a single company. CBS TV Studios has teamed up with another studio player, ABC Studios,  to produce the TV show.

According to Deadline, CBS covers all the production cost while ABC gets all the profits, which include international and on-demand sales. The show has a huge presence internationally, and this is exactly what’s driving the CBS to dig more and get more profits from the show.

Simply put, CBS wants a lion’s share of those profits. Currently, the two companies are hammering a new licensing deal for Criminal Minds: Season 12, and reports said that it’s now on works.

Harry Bing, co-producer of the said TV series, has confirmed this negotiation works in a tweet on March 25.

This isn’t the first time the show has run into trouble like this one. According to TV Guides, this is the third time that Criminal Minds had this kind of issue. Many times, Criminal Minds gets a last-minute renewal.

Another key reason for the long delay is its spin-off show “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. It’s more likely that CBS wants to wait and see how this spin-off show performs well before making some moves for its parent series.

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