Criminal Minds: Fans getting worried, show still not renewed

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Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds, an American drama series that revolves around an elite squad of FBI analyses the country’s most-twisted criminal minds, is a TV series that almost always performs well and boasts a huge, loyal fan-base and good performing ratings. The show has scored its highest ratings in 16 months in the season 11 episode that marked Shemar Moore’s departure from this TV show.

But the series has one big problem and the fans are getting increasingly more worried because the show has still not been renewed for Season 12. And with the season 11 finale coming on May 4, why it’s not been renewed yet? Right now there still no word on whether CBS is going to scrap the crime drama series in favor of other dramas in which they can make more money. Rumors are rife in the web that the crime drama series might end up with a cliffhanger.

One of the best-performing shows in CBS network, the Criminal Minds usually focuses on Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), but the upcoming season 11 finale is going to take some detour, focusing on the character of Aaron Hotchner (played by Thomas Gibson).

According to an earlier reports by Movie Guide News, it was just last month when the CBS network released a list of their shows that will be renewed including “Blue Bloods”, “Madam Secretary”, “Mom’ and “Survivor.” But the “Criminal Minds” and “CSI: Cyber” were not on the list.

However, on April 19, sign of new life for the show has emerged when co-producer Harry Bing tweeted about a dream that he had on his show, saying that the show would soon get picked up.

Unfortunately, it has been more than a week since, and there still has been no announcement coming from the show, not even a single hint. As the Movie Guide News reports, fans pressed on when that decision on the show would be made, and Bing claimed that it might come as early as May 10.

Although the fans have used to this kind of last-minute announcement, but there’s one big thing that might be a hindrance to its renewal, the show’s spin-off. Report said that the spin-off “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,” could stop the renewal of its parent show.

Of course, the CBS want to see first how well the spin-off perform, before moving forward to shoot Criminal Minds: Season 12.

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